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Metal Raised Vegetable or Flower Bed Biohort Box 2m x 1m Containers

Product Description

Biohort Raised Vegetable/Flower Bed 2m x 1m x 77cm

This is a truly exceptional quality vegetable bed 2m x 1m x 77cm, that will grace any patio, terrace or poolside location. It comes in one of two colours, metallic quartz grey or metallic dark grey, and in a range of different sizes (see the image for the 4 optional sizes), all of which we sell. it also comes with an optional unsurmountable anti snail protection

Quick Overview
  • Stylish design with rounded corners and no visible screw connections along the sides
  • Side walls made of hot-dipped galvanised and polymaide coated steel plate. 
  • Strong stable aluminium corner elements with integrated guide rails
  • Study fibreglass netting provides integrated rodent protection.
  • Quickly assembled in less than 10 minutes
  • The easily opened side walls simplify the emptying and filling of the bed
  • Optional snail protection 
  • Size: Width 2m x depth 1m x height 77cm
This is clever cultivation!

In a booming market, the unique design of our metal Raised Vegetable Bed impresses with its practical functionality. It can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.

Raised vegetable beds make it easier to plant vegetables and maximise the harvest - but only the Biohort Raised Vegetable Bed combines the hobby of gardening with a practical and intelligent design. Ingenious details add to the eye-catching effect, which offers more than just elegant practicality!

A message from Biohort's Managing Director

Biohort garden products have proven their quality for over 30 years now. We are an Austrian manufacturing company; our highly-trained and skilled workers create our products using only top quality materials obtained from certified suppliers.

Our steel plate is supplied by the worldwide renowned Austrian Voestalpine steel mills. Premium car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have all placed their trust in the high quality of „Voestalpine steel” for years. It is therefore with good reason and a clear conscience that we can offer our customers a 20-year guarantee against corrosion on our products.

Sophisticated design and high Austrian quality standards applied in the manufacturing process help create products that we are sure will bring you enjoyment for decades to

For this I am prepared to offer you my personal guarantee.

Dr. Josef Priglinger
Managing Director



Delivery is free with this product; It will arrive typically within 3-8 weeks as each cupboard is individually manufactured, order by order. In quiet times delivery is nearer 3-4 weeks but at peak sales times nearer 4-8 weeks. 

To view the map of UK delivery area surcharges and delivery time extensions click here. Please email us for a quote on this surcharge.

You will be contacted by telephone by the delivery contractor, prior to the delivery of the shed, to confirm that our delivery timings are convenient; hence we need your telephone number.

Terms & Conditions  

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