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Accessories For The Biohort Highline and Europa Ranges

Product Description

Accessories For The Biohort Highline and Europa Ranges

A range of useful accessories are available to complement your Europa or Highline shed purchase; these include:

Side Canopy Extension (Europa only)

The Biohort side canopy can be attached either to the left, to the right or to both sides of the Garden Shed as desired. This extension includes all necessary supports and fixtures. If you require this extension kit then please contact us by email or telephone and we will get back to you with a price as there are different prtices for different sizes of shed.

Tool Hanger Set    RRP £37

These are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel plate; they have a load bearing capacity ca. 10 kg and can be used to hang up spades, rakes, garden hoses and other garden tools. They are easily installed, simply click into place.

2x Shelf Kit RRP: £47

This consists of 2 shelves (depth: 12 cm, width 36 cm) and 2 support rails. It is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel plate. It has a load bearing capacity max. 15 kg per shelf and it is easy to install

This shelving option also comes:

  • as a 4x Shelf Kit  RRP: £70 and
  • as a 2x Deep Shelf Kit RRP: £81

Rainwater Kit RRP: £73

The rainwater downpipe set for your Biohort Europa garden shed directs water down from the roof which falls into the gutter (a gutter comes as standard with your shed order).

The rainwater downpipe set includes two pipes with each one outlet elbow for better control over the flow direction at the pipe end. It is made of galvanized, polyamide-coated steel sheet and is delivered complete with all attaching parts.

If you need the rainwater downpipe set combined with a side canopy, please note this in the note box on your order. You will then receive a short and a large pipe.

Window Kit  RRP: £275 (Europa only)

Metal Shed window: this complete side wall element with metal framed display window (of clear plastic) allows extra daylight into the garden shed (window opening 50 x 60 cm).


Single Bike Hanger RRP: £47

The BikeMax bicycle holder allows you to store bicycles with a max. wheel size of 26 inches in a space saving manner in your Biohort metal Garden Shed. The BikeMax can also be attached to any wall (i.e. inside a garage). Furthermore, the height of the hanging hook is adjustable in up to 6 different positions and a locking loop is fully integrated in the design.

Thanks to the V-shaped profile, not only bicycles with narrow tyres but also mountain bikes can be securely stored. The bicycle is hung from the front tyre rim in such a way as to ensure that the bicycles own centre of gravity prevents it from falling over.

The bicycle holder should be positioned with a clearance of at least 30 to 40 cm from the nearest wall (width of the handlebars should always be taken into account).

Should several bicycle holders be positioned beside each other, a distance of approx. 55 to 60 cm is recommended. However different clearance can be chosen if desired. Should the bicycles be positioned in different heights, the clearance between the bicycle holders can be reduced to 30 to 40 cm and this saves space. For this, the suspension brackets should be positioned alternately at the highest and the lowest hole group of the guide rail.

This accessory can also come as a double bike hanger RRP: £79.00

Threshold Access Ramp RRP: £90

This ramp:

  • enables heavy equipment to be moved in and out with minimum effort
  • comes in two parts, one for fitting inside and one for outside.
  • has a load carrying capacity max. 200 kg
  • has a  length of  135 cm.

Do note

  • that this is only required when an Aluminium Floor Frame is fitted
  • that the already installed door threshold must be removed before fitting
  • installation of this access ramp is only possible for 2-wing doors.
  • that this ramp can only be positioned when the doors are open.


Vendor : Biohort

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