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When a shed installation is requested

When installation is requested

  1. A lead time of 15 working days from receipt of order will generally apply to any order for installation which may be extended by either the installer or the customer. 
  2. The customer must ensure that they have made adequate provision for a base prior to installation. 
  3. The suitability of the prepared base/ground will be entirely at the discretion of the installer upon arrival. The area prepared should be free from any obstruction such as manhole covers, water or gas access points, etc. The owner should also ensure that the ground location is  firm and level  with any additional materials being pre-laid in readiness for the shed installation.
  4. In the event that the installer has to abandon installation due to lack of preparation or that the installer considers the conditions to be of such a hazardous nature that their Health & Safety might be compromised, the customer will be liable for the incurred costs.
  5. The customer will not be liable for any additional cost in the event that installation cannot take place due to adverse weather conditions.
  6. In the event that the customer is absent at the time of installation they shall appoint a third party who has authority to confirm the successful completion of the installation. They will give notice prior to installation and provide written authority.

Do please note that these sheds are not difficult to construct; they can be erected quite easily by most reasonably able handymen or women.  Just follow the guidelines which are clearly laid out, step by step.

Finally, whether you are doing the installing, or us, you the customer must ensure that you have made adequate provision for a base prior to the installation. The following options are advised for a base: 

  • Foundation Kit (this is included with this package)
  • Concrete Base (allowing 7-10 days curing time)
  • Paving Slabs (minimum TWO INCHES)