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Secure Metal Storage with a Metal Floor

Secure Metal Storage with a Metal Floor

Asgard metal sheds are both sleek and stylish, designed to keep all of your gardening equipment, tools, bikes and furniture safe and dry. Made from strong weatherproof steel, all Asgard sheds are durable, long lasting and come supplied with a 10 year warranty.

Inside each Asgard metal shed, you’ll find a selection of features designed to give you the best possible storage. The galvanised steel we use to make our shed is strong and heavy furthering its security. 

All Asgard metal storage has an integral floor

Every Asgard storage and shed is fitted with a full integral metal base for the best security securing your stored items. An integral metal base gives even more strength and protection to your metal shed, and this can be enhanced to give maximum security by bolting it down to a concrete base. This maximises the resistance against the worst of British weather and means nobody can steal the storage shed. 

The base of the storage is fixed to the wall panels, which are also bolted to each other. More importantly all these screws and bolts are on the inside, meaning they can’t be undone from the outside. There are no extruding sharp edges making it safe for children to be inside.

We keep saying that our sheds are safe and secure, but don’t just take our word for it. We set Going Going Bike the challenge of actually breaking into our Annexe Bike storage. It is fair to say that they put it through its paces, and that the noise would have woken up the neighbours!

metal sheds with base

All of Asgard’s sheds are designed manufactured right here in the UK, and we boast a large array of certifications including ISO-14001 & ISO-18001. S