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Asgard Shed Bike Rack

Asgard Heavy Duty Bike Rack

Made from heavy duty, galvanised steel this bike rack will fit into any* Asgard shed. With this simple retrofit pack you can turn an* Asgard garden shed into a secure bike storage shed.

Designed to be a home fit, the heavy duty rack can be fitted into your Asgard shed in minutes* - using only a screw driver. Simply choose the position where you would like to hang your bike (varies depending on shed model) unscrew existing fittings and fix the rack – simple.

For extra security each bike rack is supplied with 2 security screws, giving an option for improved security. These screws feature a specialised head making it difficult to unscrew without the proper screw bit. (Screw bit not supplied).

                                       The bike rack features two locking points, ideal for securing your bike to the bike rack via a traditional bike lock (not supplied).

Note: Fits the Asgard: Trojan Plus, Centurion, The Gladiator and selected Flexistore sheds only.