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1 Shelf & 5 Hooks Package For Asgard Sheds

1 Shelf and 5 Hooks Package For Asgard Sheds

This package adds great storage capacity for your shed.

The cost for the package is £46; just chose this option when you check out;

Easy fit half width shelf 

Asgard - easy fit shelf kits work by simply screwing into the units pre-drilled holes in each Asgard shed shelfAsgard shed (additional screws and instructions are provided). These heavy duty metal shelves are ideal for storing tools and general equipment off the floor.

All Asgard shelf kits are made from the same strong galvanized materials as the sheds, to give you long lasting storage.

All Asgard shelves are manufactured in a choice of colours to match your shed. Whatever colour you chose for your shed we will use the same colour for your shelf.

All shelf packs are covered by our 10 year warranty.

All shelves fit into pre drilled holes in the units - no drilling required.

Maximum of 2 half shelves can fit per unit. If you want more send us an email:

NOTE: If you buy more than one half shelves are designed to be staggered; i.e. 2 x half width shelves will not fit side by side.


Metal shed hooks pack (5)

These heavy duty hooks are suitable for all Asgard metal storage units and are ideal for hanging very heavy items out of reach of children or for keeping delicate items off the floor. With these hooks, you can now store even more!

The hooks are simple to install without the need of any heavy duty tools, as all you need is a screwdriver. All Asgard storage sheds feature hook points inside, pre drilled holes just waiting for your Asgard hooks - simply screw them into place.

Heavy duty design - Great for hanging heavy items.Easy fit - Just a screwdriver required - change your mind about the position; no problem, move them as many times as you want.

  • Fully galvanised finish - Weather proof and hard wearing.
  • Available in our standard range of colours - Ivory, Bronw or Green.
  • Multiple applications - Versatile - hang almost anything in your shed
  • All of our hook packs are supplied with a free Asgard 10 Year Warranty.