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Creating the right garden feel

Creating the right garden feel

Maybe your garden doesn’t have the best of outlooks, but don’t let this hold you back, there are a number of ways to overcome this so as to be able to create something special.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to get rid of those unattractive views and things you’d rather not be able to see. This is when the use of sheds or arbours with appropriate accompanying foliage can help to create screens that can remove unwanted or unsavoury views; indeed, it’s fair to say that by creating a partially blocked view can give a completely different impression of the size and scope of your garden even if the next door neighbour’s dust bins are located just behind your shed.

Then perhaps you might think about what the 18th century big scale gardeners, or more properly called landscape designers, such as Capability Brown, did when they carefully used what they called the borrowed landscape (the landscape that exists beyond your garden which gives added interest to the vista seen from your garden). By using this they built a view and interest that extended way beyond the garden that they were designing. There are a number of ways to do this which we will explore in other posts, suffice to say here that perhaps you might simply place plants or fencing that frames a distant artifact such as a church tower or a neighbor’s Oak tree or maybe a beautiful Birch.

It is also important to develop varying vistas in your garden, be the garden small or large, as these will help to break up monotony and allow you and your friends to enjoy the garden's varying elements as you look around. Ideas for doing this are many: instead of always looking down on plants raise them up; use arbours and dedicated planting to halt the eye; perhaps create holes or doors in walls that extend the vista as you get nearer; and then to emphasise length use a straight path with an interesting focal points at the end.

To help think you through how you might create interest take a look at the many arbours, workshops and sheds that can add something special to your garden.

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